Tax Consultancy

The field of tax law is becoming more and more complex. This makes it difficult – yet absolutely necessary – for private individuals, self-employed persons and especially for companies to stay on top of things.  Nubi Treuhand + Services is and has always been a reliable partner in our clients' tax affairs.

Our tax consulting services consist of two main areas:

  • Filling out your tax return, based on your income and property situation as of December 31 of the year in question.
  • The decisive part, however, entails many years of joint planning with our clients, taking into account all tax-relevant aspects – from retirement planning to advanced inheritance payments and succession planning.

Good tax advice plays hand-in-hand with financial advice. Our clients' wishes and plans for the future are thus of crucial importance in both areas.

Accordingly, our clients always seek our advice before making important financial decisions. In this way, any short- and long-term tax consequences are taken into account at an early stage and are included in the planning.

Our tax consultation and tax return services:

  • Completion of tax returns for natural persons
  • Completion of tax returns for legal entities
  • Individual tax consultancy
  • Problem-solving in matters of income and property taxes for natural persons
  • Legal representation in tax matters (objections, appeals, etc.)
  • Completion of tax returns on real estate gains
  • Withholding tax applications
  • Real estate taxes, as well as all indirect taxes such as VAT, stamp duties, etc. (national and international)
  • Company reorganizations
  • Auditing
  • Other services on request