Company Foundation

Establish a company. Simple. Uncomplicated.

With us at your side you can establish your company securely and quickly. Our expertise, sector knowledge, experience, foresight and strategic thinking will help you choose the appropriate legal form.


Our services:

  • Advice on which legal form is optimal for your company
  • Selection of a proper name
  • Establishment of company bylaws
  • Lex-Friedrich Declaration
  • Stampa Declaration
  • Certification of signatures
  • Opening of the capital payment account
  • Notarial certification / Foundation at a notary public
  • Registration with the Commercial Registry Office
  • Opening of a business account
  • Registration with authorities and insurance companies


It goes without saying that we can also assist you in making changes in the commercial register (e.g. changes in bylaws, the Board of Directors and/or in the dissolution of companies).