How the AIA (automatischer Informationsaustausch in Steuersachen = automatic exchange of information in tax matters) works

In the wake of the financial and debt crisis, combating tax evasion worldwide has become an important and widely pursued concern of the global community. The AEOI (automatic exchange of information) has now become a fact. Switzerland will also collect information and make corresponding reports abroad for the first time in 2018. The Federal Tax Administration will forward information received from abroad to the cantons concerned and leave it up to them to decide how far they wish to make use of it.

The following information must be reported by financial institutions and will be exchanged with the tax authorities in the client’s country of domicile:

Identification information
(e.g. name of individual or entity, address, country of domicile, tax identification number or date of birth)

Account information
(e.g. name of financial institution and account number), and Financial information (e.g. account balance, dividends, interest, other income and proceeds of sale).